Work in Mongolia

Type “HG” visa is applied to foreign citizen or stateless person visiting to work in Mongolia under an employment agreement irrespective of his/her passport type.

“HG” visa allows foreign visitors to work in Mongolia. In addition to an “HG” visa, a work permit from the Ministry of Labour and long-term residency permit must be obtained in order to legally work in Mongolia.

Long-stay or work visas (Category HG) are issued by arrangement with the Citizenship and Migration General Authority of Mongolia (CMGA) in Ulaanbaatar. The business counterpart of the applicants in Mongolia should arrange and assist with contacting the CMGA. Once arrangements are made, the CMGA will notify the Embassy who will issue a visa of the appropriate category. Applicants for a long-stay or work visas must submit a letter from the CMGA, a letter of invitation from their business counterpart in Mongolia or proof of their need for such a visa along with the other required documents for a visa.